Where to From Here

You may be wondering where to go from here after successfully completing the Corporate 9 Week Challenge?

You know how to eat, train, stretch and massage yourself and have seen fantastic improvements in your workplace performance and personal life.

personality types

How to Build Confidence in Timid Employees

What I offer is something that identifies weaknesses in dealing with people with different personality characteristics and how to understand and work with these differences.

For example if you are timid and have problems dealing with someone that has an abrupt personality, what can we do to improve your confidence in dealing with that personality type?

One way to do that is by doing a 12 Week (once a week, one hour per session) training course on Military Self Defence that would develop confidence and killer instinct required to deal with work colleagues and clients.

You get to understand and apply skills in dealing with both behaviours. A win win for the workplace.

How to Get Employees to Have More Empathy

Chen Style Tai Chi is a form of Moving Meditation that is great for slowing down the mind, developing clear thought processes and empathy for abrupt and assertive employees

Although we have demanding jobs in the workplace that can be stressful and involve a lot of responsibility, there is still room for abrupt employees to have empathy.

Being able to see a situation from another person's point of view, and offer sympathy and understanding and from there developing a constructive solution is a great asset to have in the workplace.

Learning the traditional long form called Lao Jia  Li Yu is a great way to enhance an abrupt person's ability to deal with a shy timid work colleague.

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