Health Issues Facing Workers

As the world has gotten technologically more advanced and more information than ever before is at our finger tips, our mental and physical health has suffered.

Greater demands on our time with work, family and social activities has made us feel more stressed out than ever.


Mental Problems

The rise of artificial intelligence, outsourcing, downsizing, globalisation and costs of living outstripping wages has had a dramatic negative impact on our health.

Mental and Physical Problems in Present

If you look at the present, we are now living longer due to medical advances, have access to great household appliances, have devised new ways of training, developed new food products that have a greater lifespan and have countless forms of high tech entertainment.  These are all designed to make life more convenient.

Why is it that we have more physical and mental problems today compared to the past?

People today are stressed due working longer hours, have many responsibities, eat processed food with little nutritional value and do less physical activities than our forebears.

We are more lonely despite improvements in technology, live in a society of instant gratification, self-entitlement that leads to narcissism.

We are so worried about what people will think of us if we don't conform to perceived expectations.  We buy things with money we don’t have to impress people that don’t care thinking this will make us happy.

Everybody wants to be the hare, nobody wants to be the tortoise.

Bringing the Past to the Present

The solution to these problems lies in actually communicating with people and using modalities form the past, East and West that our forefathers used to stay mentally and physically healthy.

These modalities include, eating most of our food from natural sources, stretching, meditation, improving posture and physical training.

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