Standing Meditation/Zhan Zhuang

Standing Meditation is a great way top clear and energise the mind before you start your day.  This is a great multifaceted form of meditation with its roots in China.

Zhan Zhunag Posture

It is what it says it is.  You stand on your feet, your legs and torso are like the trunk of a tree and the head and arms are like tree branches.

It is a multifaceted activity that not only clears your mind, it also develops the correct posture for standing, strengthens the legs while the heart is resting and builds up your flow of energy other wise known as Qi Gong.

So how does this help you Mentally and Emotionally?

From a mental and emotional perspective, standing meditation will decrease anxiety, gain clarity and peace of mind, improve focus, develop your intuition and improve creative thinking.  So if you are having problems with people in the workplace, family and social settings, start doing standing meditation and see what happens.

Will this take Long to Master?

Like anything thing else it will take time and effort.  You will never be perfect, because you will always find something you can improve on such as alignment and structure.   Provided you put in the effort you will notice benefits within a week.

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