Self Massage for Recovery

Quote: "Normally, I rely heavily on my director to massage me out of my actor comfort zones. - Vera Farmiga

Massage is a great way to replenish the body and mind by decreasing pain in the muscle and myofascial tissues of the body.   This pain is caused by stress, trauma, injuries and poor posture.   This leads to the muscles and myofascia losing their pliability and become painful to touch.  The term for this is chronic myofascial pain.

Left Medial Glute Massage

What are Muscles?

Muscles is body tissue made up of fibres that contain protein filaments such as actin and myosin.  It allows the human body to move freely, exert force and motion.  Muscles that are not tight have muscle fibres that move freely, are strong and flexible.

When these muscle fibres experience trauma causing them stick to each other, lose flexibility and strength, they become tight you experience what is termed as muscle knots or trigger points.  When these trigger points are touched or pressed, the person experiences pain.

What is Myofascial Tissue?

Myofascial tissue is a flexible and protective sheath that covers, surrounds and supports the bones, organs and muscle tissue of the body. It allows the body to perform tasks free of pain and deal with stress and injuries.

When the body experiences trauma, the myofascial tissue can lose this pliability and cause pain and spasms in areas such as the back and neck, sciatica, headaches and breathing difficulties.

The Benefits of Massage

Utilising techniques to press and kneed the muscles and myofascial tissue on a regular basis, massage will help to restore pliability, flexibility, rid the body of waste products, get rid of pain, enhance recovery and improve physical performance.

The analogy I like to use when it comes to massage is carrying maintenance on your car on a regular basis to so that it runs smoothly.  If you leave small problems for too long, they tend to grow into bigger problems that will cost you more to fix in the future.

What to do

As part of the Replenishing the Body and Mind, I recommend that once every two weeks, use the massage program outlined on this blog.  Once every six weeks, see a sports masseur to iron out all the knots and tears in your muscles and myofascial tissue.

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