Move Well Be Healthy

A Harvard University report put says that just moving makes you healthy.  I partly agree with what the report says.

My take on it is moving correctly and efficiently is what make you healthy, physically perform at a higher level and reduce the risk of injury.

forward lunge

The 7 movement patterns that you will learn will be the ones that help you move efficiently and effortlessly.

It doesn't matter if you are performing a weight bearing exercise with free weights, dynamic exercises with kettle bells or body weight exercises, the movement patterns are the same.

The Seven Movment Patterns to Great Health

The seven movement patterns are:

  • The Hip Hinge.
  • The Squat.
  • The Lunge.
  • The Push.
  • The Pull.
  • The Carry.
  • Silk Reeling.

Name and Example of Each Movement Pattern

Movement                                       Exercise Exmaple

Hip Hinge                                       Two Handed Kettlebell Swing

Squat                                               Barbell Squat

Lunge                                              Kettlebell Reverse Lunge

The Push                                        Push Up

The Pull                                          Dumbbell Row

The Carry                                       Suitcase Carry

Silk Reeling                                   Chen Style Tai Chi Exercise

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