Healthy Joints Equal Mobile Joints

Having Healthy and Mobile Joints plays an important role in Corporate employees being able to better manage stress.

One of the relevant issues that plays a role in stress in the workplace is poor posture whilst seated on an office chair.

poor seated posture

By hunching your back forward, you round the shoulders towards your chest muscles making them become shorter and lengthen the back muscles.

This draws the neck forward causing stress and pain the neck and upper back.  It starts out small and unnoticeable and can snowball into something large negatively affecting your posture and health.

Steps to Improve Poor Seated Posture

  • Loosen up the upper back by performing dynamic movements such as horizontal arm swings and tai chi arm swings.
  • Massage the upper back by performing a middle and upper back roll with a foam roller.
  • Stretch the upper back using a thoracic stretch.

Always remember the 3 steps towards improving seated posture.

  • Loosen up with dynamic movements.
  • Massage the affected area.
  • Stretch the affected area.
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