6 P Program

Improving corporate health and well being in the workplace starts with introducing the 6P Program to lay the foundations for success.

You may ask, what does 6P stand for? Where does this lead to?

6 P stands for Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

strong foundation

What the 6 P Program Does

The 6 Program introduces various modalities from both West and East that enhance a persons mental and physical well being.

These include:

  • Standing Meditation taken from Chen style Tai Chi to clear and energise the mind first thing in the morning.
  • The Lazy Persons Guide to Stretching combined with slow breathing and a protein shake to prepare the body for recovery and improve quality of sleep.
  • Joint Mobility to help maintain optimum posture and to better manage rounded shoulders and tight hips, upperback and shoulders brought about by sitting too long in a forward hunched position on an office chair.
  • Self Massage guide where a trigger point therapy ball and a foam roller are used to loosen up and relax tight muscles.
  • Nutrition presentation that allows the office worker to make informed decisions on healthy food choices that enhance workplace performance, mental and physical health.
  • Movement Patterns Program designed to teach you how to move well as preparation for the 9 Week Corporate Challenge, perform well and reduce the risk of injury.
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