What Being INJURED has TAUGHT me

Quote: "Work hard. And have patience. Because no matter who you are, you're going to get hurt in your career and you have to be patient to get through the injuries." - Randy Johnson

I strained my lower part of my left hamstring two weeks ago while performing two handed kettlebell swings.  This is a simple exercise you can use to develop all round fitness in the shortest period of time.  You are probably wondering how this happened?

I was three quarters of the way through completing 150 two handed kettlebell swings and on the downward motion of one repetition. I lost focus for a split second, my technique faltered by me straightening my legs as opposed to maintaining a slight bend in them and I felt a sudden pain in the lower part of my left hamstring.  I abandoned the remaining 50 repetitions, got some rest and booked myself in for a massage to loosen up the tight muscles.

Hand Injury

So what did I learn and how does this relate to Life?

Maintain focus on the task at hand

It does not matter if it is business matter, active listening, studying for university exams, training and/or competing in a sports event.  Make sure you focus at all times, not paying attention can lead to poor preparation, performance or injury.

Don’t take short cuts.

I did not do a thorough warmup before moving onto my working sets.  I just wanted to get the workout done as quickly as possible.  The lesson learned here is that taking short cuts generally leads to trouble.   If you are going to do a job that is worth doing, do it right the first time.  That relates to a business deal, physical training and preparing for war.

Concentrate on the Basics

Because I did not perform joint rotations, and warm up sets of kettlebell swings with a light weight kettlebell as part of my basic warmup, this led me to being vulnerable to injury.  The lesson I learnt is do the basics, everything else is a variation of the basics.

Basics are the foundation of success in any endeavour.  This may involve physical and mental conditioning in the sports arena, practicing what your coach teaches you in singing, covering different scenarios in business negotiations.

Before you do anything fancy, make sure you have the established a strong foundation in the basics.


I’m not saying people should go out and deliberately get injured, but suffering an injury can make you reflect by seeing what mistakes you made and how to correct them.   In other words, experience is a great teacher, you learn what to do and what not to do and gain wisdom.  If you fail, suffer an injury, use it as a learning experience to improve yourself.

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