How to Select the Correct Kettlebell

Quote: "Those who fear such a challenge from a small metal ball and do not wish to bear it’s mark are not worthy of its gifts. And they should go home. - Jennifer

Selecting the correct kettlebell is dependent on the experience of the trainer, their fitness goal and most important of all being an informed buyer.   The objective of kettlebell training is to develop efficient movement patterns, stimulate the muscles and cardiovascular system, not to annihilate it.  It’s not just about training hard, but also training smart.

Cast Iron Kettlebell

Importance of Selecting the Correct Kettlebell

You may think, what’s the big deal with selecting the correct kettlebell?  Selecting the correct kettlebell should play an important part when doing your research before deciding to purchase a set of kettlebells.  Kettlebells come in all shapes, sizes and different materials.  It is important to know which kettlebells will best suit your health and fitness goals.

Selecting a High Quality Kettlebell

Because you will be making an investment in your health, it is important to purchase high quality kettlebells.  When you are considering using kettlebells for training, we will explain what to know when buying kettlebells:

  • Ensure it is made out of cast iron, nothing else.
  • Use either a traditional Russian Kettlebell or if you plan on competing in the Kettlebell Games, competition style kettlebells.
  • The whole kettlebell is one piece, it does not have a handle made of a different material attached to it.
  • It comes with a warranty.
  • Stay away from kettlebells that have plastic attached to them.
  • Stay away from kettlebells that are not made from cast iron.

Guidelines for SELECTING the Correct Size Kettlebell:

Gender Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Male 12kg/26lbs 16 kg/35lbs 20 kg/44lbs
Female 5 kg/11lbs 8 kg/17lbs 12 kg/26lbs

The above table is a guide that is not set in stone.  If you can lift more weight with good technique, then use a heavier kettlebell.  If you cannot lift the kettlebell with good technique, then use a lighter kettlebell to allow you to develop good technique.  Having good technique is of primary importance, the amount of weight you can lift is secondary.

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