Quote: "Focus on eating meat and veggies and let the magic happen." - Matt McCarry

Eating like a caveman in the 3in1solution is based on the Paleo diet devised by Dr Loren Cordain.

Meat and Vegetables.

In eating like a caveman in the modern age, it is recommended that all food is to come close to as possible from natural sources as our ancestors did before organised living and farming came into existence.

Food Sources

Protein and fats are to come from animals and oils.  Carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are to come from kumara, yams, and fruit and vegetables.  Drinking water is the favoured liquid to drink.

Eating these foods and drinking water is like putting premium fuel in your car.  Your body is more readily able to digest and process these foods resulting in a healthy body that is less prone in becoming ill.

Nutritional Supplements

I am not a big fan of nutritional supplements, but they do have their place.  Before you consider taking nutritional supplements, ensure you have a good eating plan and training regime put in place and you are getting enough rest.

The time to consider taking nutritional supplements is when you find it difficult to eat and digest large amounts of food, you are stuck for time and you need that extra edge that will improve your performance and recovery.  Remember that supplements are food in powder, liquid and capsule form.  They are not some magical drug that will dramatically improve your performance.  You should see supplements as something that is an add on to a good training and eating program, they are not a substitute for the eating program itself.

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