Red Meat

Despite articles being written that says red meat is bad for your health, there are many health benefits to eating read meat.   These include vitamins, protein and fats that play an important role in keeping the body fit and healthy.

Types of Red Meat

The protein in read meat helps to repair and build muscle tissue that helps burn off those excess calories and keeps you feeling fuller, so you end up eating less.

Red meat also contains vitamins B6 and B12, Vitamin D, iron and zinc.  Vitamin B12 helps keep the bones strong, and the brain healthy.  Vitamin B6 helps in the production of red blood cells and detoxifying the liver.

Iron is a vital component required by red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the body.   Zinc helps to build more lean muscle mass and strengthen your immune system.

Vitamin D helps prevent rickets, an degenerative bone disease caused by a lack of vitamin D.  So go ahead and eat red meat as part of a healthy eating plan.

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