Healthy Meals

What are Healthy Meals?

Healthy meals the Paleo way is food in it's natural form.  That includes beef, lamb, poultry, pork, seafood, fruit, vegetables, yams, sweet potatoes, honey and water.

Look to minimise eating processed food that contains simple sugars, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated and saturated fats.  If you want to eat food containing sugar, get it from natural fruits, vegetables and natural honey.

Is this Doable?

The most challenging aspect of eating the Paleo Way is preparing and cooking the food.  This can be met by, purchasing enough containers to store your food to take to work, and most importantly spend some time on a Sunday afternoon or evening preparing your food for the working week. A little organisation can go a long way.

I realize there are times when there is a need to take supplements.  You may have difficulty on consuming large amounts of food, having something that is concentrated and can be consumed in smaller amounts and digested more efficiently is easier on the body.

Remember not to fall into the trap of relying on nutritional supplements as your sole source of nutrition due to convenience.  Nutritional supplements are used to supplement a healthy eating plan.

A Note on Converting Ounces to Grams, Fahrenheit to Celcius

If you are preparing food to be cooked and you live in a country that uses a different measuring system for weight and temperature, we have included links to metric conversions to help make life easier for you.

Click here if you wish to convert Ounces to Grams and vice-versa.

Click here if you wish to convert Degrees Fahrenheit to Degrees Celcius and vice-versa.

Breakfast Dishes

Beef, Pork and Lamb Dishes

Seafood Dishes

Chicken Dishes

Vegetable Dishes

Salad Dishes



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