Eating the Paleo Way

Quote: "Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness." - Edward Stanley

Paleo Nutrition is an appropriate approach to the nutrition component of the 3in1Solution approach to health because you consume foods close to its natural source that your body is designed to utilise as energy and to repair and build muscle tissue.

Paleo Foods to eat.

Eating this way undoes a lot of illnesses that are associated with eating processed foods that high in simple sugars, saturated fats, hydrogenated fats, shortening, preservatives and artificial food colouring.  These ingredients give packaged food a longer lifespan, addictive due to the flavours that are designed to make you want to eat more of the product, make your body insensitive to changes in insulin levels when there is an increase in blood sugar levels that can eventually lead to food allergies, skin problems and syndrome x.

How Paleo Nutrition will improve your Health

Should I try Paleo Style Eating?

While I have explained why I recommend following a Paleo Nutrition approach to health, I also realise there are criticisms to this form of eating as well.  My suggestion would be to research articles both for and against Paleo Nutrition.  If you believe it makes sense, try it for four weeks and see what happens.  If it works for you keep eating that way, if does not work for you, look at something else.

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