Warm Up

Benefit of Joint Rotations

Joint rotations are an important part of the warming up process.

The benefit of joint rotations is that it prepares the body for action by generating synovial fluid to lubricate the joints.

This allows the joints and the body to move smoothly and with ease.

Knee Rotations

What does Synovial Fluid do?

When you rotate your joints, synovial fluid is generated by the joint capsule located between the meeting point of two bones.

The synovial fluid then spreads out to the cartilage and tissues of the joint helping to reduce friction and to cushion the joints during movement.

The analogy to this would be like putting oil in to the engine of your car.  This allows the parts in the engine to move freely allowing your car to perform at optimum capacity.

If the engine has too little oil in it, the engine packs up and stops working.

How to Increase Production of Synovial Fluid

If you find your joints are inflamed and you are experiencing inflammation, first thing to do is to see your health professional.

A natural way to reduce this pain is to increase production of synovial fluid by consuming foods and nutritional supplements.

Consuming glucosamine sulfate that contains the substance glucosamine will help to prevent loss of cartilage.

Eating foods that contain anti-inflammatory properties such as apples, cherries, garlic, onions, leeks, eggs, salmon, kale and red peppers can help the body reduce joint pain and produce more collagen.

There you have it.  Through the benefit of joint rotations and eating the correct foods, you can increase production of synovial fluid to improve the health of your joints.

When performing joint rotations the body needs to be viewed as a unit, not something in isolation.  Joint rotations need to be performed from the ankle to the neck or vice versa, not carried out in a haphazard manner, i.e. ankle then lower back, then neck. Each joint rotation is carried out with ten rotations in one direction then ten rotations in the other direction.

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