Turkish Get Up

The Turkish Get Up is a functional exercise that requires all the muscles of the body to work together in a coordinated matter.

Before modern gyms were invented, the Turkish Get Up was performed by a lot of strongmen back in the day such as Sig Klein.

Turkish Get Up

It was an exercise that was a true test of strength.  If you want an exercise that will get you into shape in record time and also give you functional strength, then the Turkish Get Up is for you.

Fast forward the video to 1 minute 35 seconds for the Half Turkish Get Up using a Kettlebell.

Benefits of the Turkish Get Up

There are many benefits in doing the Turkish Get Up.

These include:

  • Developing a strong core that will protect your lower back from pain.
  • Improvement in your posture.
  • Increased mobility in the hips, legs and shoulders.
  • Improved strength and stability of the shoulders.
  • Improved movement patterns on both the left and right side of the body.
  • Develop balance and coordination in the whole body.
  • Shoulders being able to protected from injury.

How to do the Turkish Get Up (with a kettlebell in your right hand)

  • Grab the kettlebell with two and hold it close to your body in the cradle position on the right side of your body.
  • Roll onto your back, extend right arm that is holding the kettlebell, straighten the wrist, pack the shoulder joint into the shoulder socket.
  • Move your right foot towards your right buttock, place left leg out about 45 degrees away from your body, place left arm away from your body just past your head.
  • Perform a sit up, lean onto your left elbow, keep right arm straight and keep your eyes on the kettlebell.
  • Push yourself onto your left hand, raise your hips into a side plank, your left leg should be in front of your body, your right leg should, be behind your body, keep the right arm extended and keep an eye on the kettlebell.
  • Pull your left foot back and put your body into an upright forward lunge position, keep your right in an extended position, keep your eye on the kettlebell.
  • Push off with your left foot into a standing position where both feet are together, keep an eye on the right arm that is still extended and still holding the kettlebell.
  • Reverse the above sequence of movements to complete the movement.

Turkish Get Up Dos

  • Keep your eye on the kettlebell bell the whole time.
  • Practice technique empty handed before you use a kettlebell.
  • Do maintain enough space to create a support platform when moving from the elbow, hand and the sweep.
  • Maintain a flat back with a neutral position when standing from a kneeling position.
  • Ensure shoulder joint is packed into the shoulder socket.
  • Wrist holding the kettlebell remains straight.
  • The core is engaged when performing the movement.

Turkish Get Up Don’ts

  • Bend the wrist holding the kettlebell.
  • Arching of the back on the way back down.
  • Maintain a loose core and abdomen.
  • Have a small support platform for the elbow, hand and bridge and sweep portions of the exercise.
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