Kettlebell Switch

The Kettlebell Switch is an action where a person training with a single Kettlebell changes which hand the Kettlebell is held in.

This is really important when performing exercises such as Kettlebell Swings, High Pull, Snatches, Clean and the Clean and Press.

Although there are different ways to swap hands, the focus here is on the basics.

Kettlebell Switch

This great thing about this exercise is that it will also improve your appearance and functional fitness giving you a lean lithe look, improving your cardiovascular and muscle endurance.

The extra lean muscle tissue you gain will also turn your body into a fat burning machine allowing you burn excess calories even when you are resting.

Benefits of the Kettlebell Switch

  • Teaches good hand eye coordination.
  • Allow smooth transition between hands.
  • Improves hip hinge technique.

How to Perform a Kettlebell Switch  

  • Swing the kettlebell with one hand using a hip hinge motion.
  • Move the arm and hand that is not holding the Kettlebell in the same direction as the hand that is holding the Kettlebell.
  • Near the top of the movement, release the Kettlebell with one hand and grab the kettlebell with the other hand and perform swings with the kettlebell using the other hand.
  • Perform another kettlebell switch when you are ready.

Kettlebell Switch Dos

  • Perform the switch when the kettlebell has reached the top of the movement.
  • That the hand that the kettlebell will be transferred to moves in the same direction of the hand holding the kettlebell.
  • Time the switch to occur just before the kettlebell falls under gravity.
  • Watch the kettlebell at all times.

Kettlebell Switch Don’ts

  • Do not snatch the kettlebell.
  • Do not release the kettlebell too early nor too late.
  • Do not grab the kettlebell too early nor too late.

Important Pointers of the Kettlebell Switch

Perform 3 – 5 repetitions with each hand then perform a Kettlebell Switch.

This will allow you to improve your technique for each exercise and the Kettlebell Switch.

Timing is also crucial, you don’t want to release the kettlebell too early, nor too late.

When the kettlebell is released at the right time, gravity will allow the kettlebell to stay at the right height long enough for it to be grabbed with the other hand.

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