Inch Worm

The Inch Worm is a great bodyweight exercise for developing strength in the arms, core, glutes and hamstrings.

Think of the Inch Worm like a crawling push up performed from a standing position.

Inch Worm Push Up

Better yet, picture yourself as a worm making its way across the ground.  This is an exercise that develops muscle control, strength and improves body movement.

Benefits of the Inch Worm

There are many benefits to doing the Inch Worm.  These are health related benefits and performance related benefits.

Health Related Benefits:

  • Improves flexibility and lengthens the hamstring muscles.
  • Develops strength in the muscles and bones to prevent osteoarthritis.
  • Strengthens the core that leads to an improvement in stability.
  • Improves mobility in the hips and scapular.

Performance Related Benefits:

  • Develops muscle control.
  • Improves functional strength in the whole body.
  • Improves coordination between the arms, legs, core and hips.

How to do an Inch Worm

  • Stand straight with your legs straight shoulder width apart.
  • Bend down at the waist and place your hands on the ground.
  • Walk your hands forward one step at a time until you get into a push up position.
  • Switch on your core and keep your back in a neutral position.
  • Perform a push up.
  • The using your hands, walk your body back towards your feet.
  • Stand up straight.
  • Perform another repetition.

Inch Worm Dos

  • Move the foot opposite to the hand at the same time.
  • Maintain a neutral position in the back and neck.
  • In the push up portion of the movement, position the hands in line with the shoulders.
  • Tuck your chin in during the movement.
  • Keep your core engaged.
  • Keep the movement deliberate.

Inch Worm Don’ts

  • Let your back sag or round.
  • Reach too far forward with your hands.
  • Hyperextending of the neck.
  • Locking out the knees.
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