Bodyweight Exercises

What is Body Weight Training?

Body weight training is a form of training that requires a person to use their own bodyweight as resistance.

It is a great way to become functionally fit and healthy rather than having that puffy look of all show and no go.

The great thing about this is that you can do this form of training for the rest of your life and tailor it to suit your needs as they change.

Why Body Weight Training is Useful

Back in Spartan and Roman days, these people did not have the fancy gym equipment that we have today and they built muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance using bodyweight exercises that was a crucial part of their training.

They did not have the steroid physiques that are presented to us through the media as a picture of optimum health.

These Spartans and Gladiators were a lot stronger than they looked and had endurance and conditioning that would easily match today’s top athletes.

You too can train and look like these specimen, it’s yours for the taking.  How badly do you want it?

Today bodyweight training is used by soldiers, combat sports athletes, fitness enthusiasts and celebrities such as Mark Walhberg, Chris Evans, Stephen Amell.  Yes, functional exercises using your bodyweight training is great way to torch that body fat and to look great for that special occasion.

Today, bodyweight exercises are only seen as a form of calisthenics that a high school athlete would use.

If you try some of the bodyweight exercises in Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade and Combat Conditioning by Matt Furey, you may find yourself humbled by their difficulty.

The bodyweight exercises start out being easy to do, but quickly increase in difficulty and intensity.


Another Bodyweight Exercise

This is one of the most effective body weight exercises a person can do.  The reason for this is every muscle from top to bottom is affected especially the heart.

It covers at the same time, many facets of fitness in developing functional strength, cardiovascular fitness......Read More

Wide Grip Push Up

Bodyweight Exercises

The Wide Grip Push Up is an exercise that you did as a kid growing doing P.E classes in primary school.

The Wide Grip Push is a great bodyweight exercise for building strength in the chest, shoulder and triceps area......Read More

Bodyweight Squat

Another Bodyweight Exercise

This is a fantastic exercise to develop cardiovascular fitness, strength and conditioning at the same time.

It is a compound movement, which means that more than one lot of muscles are trained at the same time.  Anyone can perform this movement......Read More

Lying Crunch

Bodyweight Exercises

The Abdominal Crunch is a great bodyweight exercise to strengthen your abs and bring them out for summer.

Like most bodyweight exercises, the Abdominal Crunch does not require any equipment and can be performed anywhere......Read More

Bear Crawl

Another Bodyweight Exercise

A Bear Crawl is an excellent bodyweight exercise that develops all round fitness.

We crawled when we were babies learning how to walk, once we learned how to walk the need to crawl stopped.

By going back to......Read More

Staggered Push Up

Bodyweight Exercises

A Staggered Push Up is a variation of the standard Push Up.

The difference lies in the position of the hands.

In a Standard Push Up the hands are in a parallel position to each other.

In a Staggered Push Up one hand is placed in a higher position than the other hand......Read More

Forward Lunge

Another Bodyweight Exercise

A forward Lunge is a bodyweight exercise that mimics the way we walk.

It is a fantastic exercise for strengthening the thighs, hamstrings, glutes and the core.

You don’t need a lot of room to do this exercise and it can be performed with many variations.  You can perform it using just......Read More

Front Plank

Bodyweight Exercises

The Front Plank is an isometric bodyweight exercise used to strengthen the core.

Think of the Front Plank as being like a static Push Up.

The great thing about this exercise is that you only need your body and a small amount of space to perform this exercise.......Read More

Jumping Jacks

Another Bodyweight Exercise

The Jumping Jack is an exercise most of us are familiar with since our childhood.

This is a great bodyweight exercise for improving cardiovascular fitness and conditioning.

You just need your bodyweight and a small area to carry out this movement.  You can also use......Read More

One Foot Elevated Push Up

Bodyweight Exercises

The One Foot Elevated Push Up is a fantastic bodyweight exercise for building strength in the chest, shoulders, triceps and core.

It is performed in a very similar way to the wide grip push up.

The difference being that one leg is raised off the ground for the......Read More

High Knees

Another Bodyweight Exercise

High Knees is a great bodyweight exercise you can use to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Think of High Knees as a form of running on the spot carried out at a high level of intensity.

What makes this a high intensity exercise is the height and speed at which the......Read More

Lying Leg Raises

Bodyweight Exercises

The Lying Leg Raise is an excellent bodyweight exercise to strengthen the lower and mid-section of the abdominals.

Like most bodyweight exercises, all you need is your bodyweight and a small area to perform the movement.

Depending on your level of fitness and......Read More

Mountain Climbers

Another Bodyweight Exercise

The Mountain Climber is a fantastic bodyweight exercise that gives multiple health and fitness benefits.

Think of the mountain climber as a plank except you are moving your legs in an alternate backward and forward motion......Read More

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