Eight REASONS why Bodyweight Training can improve your Health and Fitness

Quote: "The individual who says it is not possible should move out of the way of those doing it." - Tricia Cunningham

Before you start out on your Body Weight training journey, make sure you read the best 8 reasons on why you should do body weight training.  If you want to get your health back, manage stress, lose weight and improve your physical performance, then this form of training is for you.

Parallel Bar Dips

1. Improves Health and Well Being

Lowers blood pressure, improves circulation of the blood, and helps you manage stress and lower blood sugar levels in the blood.

2. Releases Dopamine to Improve Emotional Well Being

Have you ever finished a great training session and felt like you were on an incredible high.  The reason for that is a chemical/transmitter called dopamine is released by the brain that brings about feelings of happiness and pleasure.

3. It is Convenient

Body weight training can be done anywhere anytime, no equipment is required.  Your body will provide the resistance you need top train.  You don’t need a gym membership.  Exercises can be learned through instructors in body weight training and through social media.

4. Can be used as a form of Low Impact Training

If you have trouble with your ankles, knees, hips and lower back from high impact training, body weight training can be changed to low impact training to protect your joints from being injured by high levels of impact.  For example instead of running to improve your cardiovascular fitness, you can do a high number of body weight squats instead and get better results.

5. You can Combine Strength and Cardiovascular Training

You can combine strength and cardiovascular training to kill two birds with one stone.  You can do this by performing one cardiovascular exercise, then perform a strength exercise, another cardiovascular exercise followed by another strength exercise etc. etc.  This is more efficient than performing a strength training session then following that up with a cardiovascular training session.

6. There is a Wide Variety of Exercises Available

If you wish to crank up your metabolic rate to burn off those excessive calories, develop strength and develop efficient movement patterns then body weight training is for you.  You may have improved your strength in the barbell bench press and the deadlift, but if you have trouble performing pull ups and parallel bar dips, then you have poor levels of bodyweight strength.

7. It can be Combined with other Forms of Training

If you do strength training with free weights, train with kettlebells, do gymnastics and martial arts, adding bodyweight training to your regime will improve your skills in these forms of training.

8. Used Successfully by other Sports and the Military

If you look at the physiques and the abilities of gymnasts, they have low levels of body fat, high levels of lean muscle mass and functional strength, have amazing flexibility and explosive power.  What would you prefer?  The look of a functionally fit athlete or the powerlifter/bodybuilder look?

If you look at soldiers, most of them do have high levels of body mass because this is a detriment to their training.   More body mass requires more energy for it to function.  That’s why you see soldiers perform bodyweight exercises and use obstacle courses to improve their functional fitness.

Martial Arts that require physical conditioning such as Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestling and any form of grappling use body weight exercises to enhance their performance and skills.  Their physiques are trained to be functional, not look like a bodybuilder.  If they do look good, it’s just considered a bonus.

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