What are Vitamins and how can they Improve your Health

Vitamins and minerals are important micronutrients required to make  the bones strong, strengthen your immune system, heal injuries and convert the food we consume into energy.

Think of them as little power packs that carry out the maintenance and repairs on your body so that it can perform all its functions.

Vitamins can be found in food from natural sources and nutritional supplements.

We will discuss the role each vitamin plays in your body, how they optimise your health and what are the best food sources for vitamins

The Difference between Minerals and Vitamins

The difference between vitamins and minerals lies in their structural properties.

Vitamins being organic will break down upon contact with air, heat, water, fat and acid.

Vitamins tend to be grouped into two types, those that dissolve in water and those that dissolve in fat.

Minerals being inorganic will tend to not breakdown when upon contact with air, heat, water, fat and acid.

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Water Soluble Vitamins

Fat Soluble Vitamins

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