The Skinny on Fat

This is something everybody knows something about.  We hear people say they need to lose bodyfat and lean up for summer and/or a special occasion.

Fat is seen as something that is bad for your health and body image.

Junk Food

Information on fat as a nutrient is not as straight forward as most people think.  It also gets a bad rap from health professionals and the media.

It is seen as the source of our ill health and overweight appearance.  This has led to the food industry creating low fat food products that are good for our health.

But the truth is these low fat products contain artificial sweeteners and simple sugars that have led to weight gain, obesity and diabetes.

Fat Eaten in the Past vs Fat Eaten Today

Dr Loren Cordain has carried out research on 229 groups of ethnic people all around the world to find out about their dietary habits.

He concluded that these people were strong, healthy and consumed a lot of fat from the animals they killed and consumed.

This is what the Spartans, Roman Gladiators and various soldiers from warring states ate to give them energy.

These people were amongst the fittest and strongest people running around.

To get the right fuel to perform like a thoroughbred in your working an professional life, do what these people do.

You will notice and improvement in your performance in the workplace.


What is Fat?

Fat is a substance called triglycerides made of carbons, hydrogen and oxygen.  Like carbohydrates, fat is also a source of energy.

It can be in liquid form or a solid at room temperature.

Fat also has the highest amount of energy, 9 calories per gram of fat compared to carbohydrates and protein.

Types of Fats

Believe it or not there are different types and sources of fats, some are good for your health, some fats are bad for your health.

You have monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, trans fats, saturated fats, and fats from natural and synthetic sources.

The Good Fats

The fats that are good for your health include monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and saturated fats from natural sources such as animals.

The reason these are good fats is that they help to absorb vitamins A, D, E and K through to the bloodstream, helps to lower your LDL which is your bad cholesterol, increase your HDL known as the good cholesterol, cushions the joints in your body and is vital for brain development and nerve function.

The Bad Fats

Bad fats include trans fats and some forms of saturated fats from synthetic sources.

The reason why bad fats are not good for your health is cause heart disease, an increase in your LDL, bad cholesterol caused by an increase and hardening of the fatty plaque in the arteries of the body.

When this happens blood flow in the affected area gets restricted.  This could lead to a stroke and even a heart attack.

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