The Magic of Protein

The magic of protein lies in it's ability to make you feel fuller, build lean muscle tissue to burn off those excess calories.

When you consume protein, it takes the body more energy and time to breakdown and process into muscle tissue and energy.


The best way to utilise protein to help you lose that extra body weight is to slowly increase the amount of protein and decrease the amount of carbohydrates as the day progresses.

Another helpful tip to is to combine leafy vegetables and water for dinners and to whey protein shake with water before you go t0 bed.

When you are resting is when the body is in the best position to repair and grow additional lean muscle tissue.

The more muscle tissue you have the more you are able to burn off those excess calories and lose that extra body weight.

Present Day Illusions

Nowadays, only a very small percentage of people follow the way of strength athletes and combat sports fighters.

The majority of us are blindly following a low protein, high carb, low fat way of eating and look where it has got us?

The majority of us are inactive, watch sports on television and claim expertise in physical training.  These are the intellectual experts with very little physical training telling the rest of us the best way to eat and train.

The Science of Protein

Protein is a substance in our body that is made up of amino acids.  These amino acids are the building blocks of our muscle cells, skin, bones, enzymes and hormones that are made up of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen in various combinations.

The body is made up of 14 non-essential amino acids and 8 essential amino acids.

Non-essential amino acids can be produced by your own body, essential amino-acids must be obtained from food sources.

The Importance of Protein

Protein is a vital component in helping the body to regenerate the cells in your muscles, skin and bones.

When you build more muscle tissue by carrying out resistance training and consume additional protein, you enable your body to be more efficient at burning calories from food compared to another person that eats very little protein and has a higher percentage of body fat.

You are also able to regenerate the cells in your muscles, skin and bones more efficiently leading to an improvement in your health.

Protein helps maintain good energy levels, stabilise blood sugar levels, assists adrenal and thyroid activity, and helps to control your bodyweight and assists bowel function.

The Best Sources of Protein

The best sources of protein that will help you to train, lose bodyfat and give you that lean, fat burning strong athletic look.  These proteins come from game meats, venison, grass fed beef, chicken, sea food, eggs, nuts, and turkey.

The leaner these sources are the better they are for you.  The reason you should consume these sources of protein is high biological availability.

That means that these forms of protein tend to be better absorbed and utilised by your body to repair and build muscle tissue, cells, enzymes and improve bodily functions.

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