The Lowdown on Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the macronutrients that provide your body with energy to meet its physical demands.

Carbohydrates are made up of sugars and starches, generally sourced from grains such as wheat, flour, rice, fruit and vegetables.


Carbohydrates have been around since the time we were hunters and gatherers.

We obtained our sources of carbohydrates from natural sources such as plants, fruits and honey.

Our health problems with carbohydrates started when civilisations became more organised, improvements in technology and the age of agriculture.

We deviated away from what we were genetically designed to eat by eating carbohydrates derived from legumes and processed foods.

The The Cause of Health Problems due to the spread of Grains

This has spread to all parts of the world.  Dr Loren Cordain Ph.D has researched 229 different tribes around the world and concluded that these people were healthy because their diet was based on eating protein and fat from animals, seafood, fruit, vegetables and water from natural sources.

We started eating products derived from grains such rice, bread and pasta, legumes such as potatoes, corn and beans leading to the onset of autoimmune diseases.

The carbohydrates from processed foods such as alcohol, cookies, cakes, crisps, fizzy drinks, juices and fast foods have worsened our health problems leading to type two diabetes, obesity and tooth decay.

To this very day, health professionals and the media still preach to the public the idea of consuming a low fat diet based on eating complex carbohydrates based on seeds, grains and legumes.

This is despite the fact people in the developed world have experienced an increase in health problems mentioned above.

What should you do?

We are not against eating complex and simple carbohydrates, because you need them for energy and for your brain to function.

In order to eat carbohydrates to energy to performa ion the work place, it is recommend thated you follow Dr Loren Cordain’s suggestion.

This involves obtaining your carbohydrates from natural sources such as fruit and vegetables.

Minimise carbohydrates from artificial sources such as artificial sweeteners, rolled oats, brown rice, pasta and seeds.

Also minimise corn, beans, legumes and potatoes due to the fact they contain phytic acid.  Stay away from packaged processed foods and drinks such as potato crisps, candy, cookies, cakes and fizzy drinks.

Try this for 4 short weeks and see what happens.  If you notice an improvement in the way you look and feel, keep doing this.

If it does not work, go back to what you were doing or find another way.

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